Childhood, Adolescent Sexual Education and Sexual Health Behavior Among Ohio State Students


  • Elaine Maria Louden The Ohio State University College of Public Health


Sexual health encompasses a wide range of behaviors that can be harmful or beneficial when considering holistic wellbeing. It is known to be affected by a number of demographic and behavioral factors, including ethnic background and religion as well as self-efficacy, but there is not much known about how educational experiences, especially as an adolescent, can affect sexual health behaviors in subsequent college years. This study examines the relationship between childhood and adolescent sexual health education and its effects on sexual health behavior as a college student. A non-randomized, convenience sample of approximately 300 Ohio State students was surveyed in order to elucidate this relationship. Correlation and chi square analyses were performed, and it was determined that sexual health education prior to high school graduation has a consistent, but small effect on the frequency of testing for sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), which are an important example of a protective sexual health behavior.






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